Map Based MLS® Search – Browse Available Listings For Sale

Understanding the relevancy of the Vancouver real estate board MLS® system is critical to being successful in the local market. Many buyers and sellers will forego speaking to a REALTOR® because of a lack of understanding why using an agent is important. When you are selling real estate it's important to know that the buyer does not have your best interests at stake, and the same goes if you are the buyer trying to relate to a seller. An agent will professionally represent your interests to make sure you get the best deal possible, or at least that's the way the system is meant to operate, in theory.

In practice, it's often not the case. A lot of consumers are skeptical of an agent's motivations, and with good reason. There is a lot of commission revenue on the line, and the industry has a less than stellar reputation. But there is no escaping the fact that having your property on the MLS® system is critical to it being sold with the best possible terms. I generally encourage my clients to try and sell on their own, mainly to be friendly. But on the flip side, once someone sees how difficult it is to sell real estate often times the commission is no longer something they worry about.

When you list with an agent, your home or condo is exposed on every real estate website in the entire city – including mine. There are plenty of times that I will get calls from this page of my website with people asking to see my listing. This is what the Vancouver real estate board calls its reciprocity system. Consumers are best protected when there is a REALTOR® representing both the buyer and the seller, that can not be argued. The reciprocity system engages consumers to call an agent who can represent their interests from a buying perspective. Win win for all involved.

My map based search engine allows visitors to go in and out of different areas of the Lower Mainland and search through all the available properties for sale. You can navigate through different property types and price ranges on the top left of the map, and you can zoom in and out of different areas that you are familiar with. This search feature is generally better when viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, and is not particularly mobile friendly.

Getting maximum exposure is the goal of any real estate transaction. As agents we are very fortunate to be able to provide this to our clients through the MLS® system. When you are selling you can rest assured knowing that your home is exposed to all the potential buyers in the Lower Mainland, and when you are buying to can rest knowing that you have access to as many great properties as possible. Another win win situation provided by the Vancouver real estate system!