Six Characteristics Of The Perfect Walk In Closet

Men and women tend to look for different things when searching for a new home. Men are looking for a space to christen their “man cave,” a space, usually a den, workshop or oversized garage where they can store their tools, two and four-wheeled toys, or that large screen TV and obligatory beer fridge. If that property has a separate room, or shed or detached garage, even better. For the ladies, it is all about the closets. Show a gal a home with nary a shelf and forget it. Not going to happen. Present a property with a walk-in closet bigger than the bathroom and you can almost start counting the cash. To be fair, some men also like to have plenty of cubbyholes to put all their treasures, and some gals are looking for someplace to make into an artist’s studio or writer’s den or some sort of female escape hatch. Let's look at six potential upgrades for your closets.

1) Build An Island

If you have the room to add an island this can really be an awesome upgrade on a closet. With features that will make both him and her smile, an island is a great centerpiece to any room including a closet.

2) Add A Mirror

When the proper attention is paid to its location, a mirror can add a little bit of flair to any closet. Again it comes down to room, in an ideal situation you'd have at least 10 feet between you and the mirror.

3) Sitting Area

Annoyed with having to lean up against that wall to put on your socks or stockings? Most people have been in that situation, it would be great to have a proper sitting area to overcome this obstacle. This is a popular request for the ladies, so men get on it!


4) Extra Room For Handbags and Shoes

Admit it, you love her style! Sometimes partners complain about the amount of money women spend on shoes and handbags, but we've got lots of toys that we spend money on too. Adding a section in the closet will make you her hero.

5) Add Some Drawers

This is my favourite suggestion of the bunch. Having some extra drawers to keep some under garments out of sight is definitely a nice touch. And why not have some extra room for watches and glasses, or anything else for that matter.

6) Lighting Options

The word "lighting" can make some people cringe. We've all had situations where the wrong type of lighting makes us look different. Go with softer lights for a subtle welcoming effect.


Lets face it, without closets, that sale is not going to happen. What this means for those thinking of renovating, is simple, don’t forget the closets. Even better, make those closets as big as possible, with all sorts of interesting shelves and drawers and clothes racks that make storing “whatever” easy. While we are at it, if you’ve got the space, consider putting in a pantry next to the kitchen, perhaps with a back entry that allows easy access to the outside. There is nothing nicer than walking right into the room where all the groceries go without traipsing throughout the entire house. Oh, and if you have the space, that “man cave” is still a pretty good idea.